Matt Roy, Jakob Chychrun, Taylor Raddysh, and Brandon Duhaime all pick their jersey numbers with Capitals (2024)

The Washington Capitals were busy on the first day of NHL Free Agency, making four additions to their roster. Now, a week later, those newest Caps have their jersey numbers for next season.

Matt Roy will wear number 3, Jakob Chychrun will wear number 6, Taylor Raddysh will wear number 16, and Brandon Duhaime will wear number 22.

Matt Roy

Matt Roy will wear 3️⃣ with the Washington Capitals#ALLCAPS

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) July 7, 2024

Roy will wear the number 3 that he wore for the Los Angeles Kings for the past five seasons. The Kings initially had him wearing number 81 for 25 games in 2018-19 as he arrived when veteran blueliner Dion Phaneuf still had the number 3 on his back.

The now 29-year-old defender took quite the circuitous route to choosing number 3 earlier in his career.

“I grew up idolizing Nick Lidstrom as a kid, so I was number 5 for most of my childhood,” Roy told The Athletic’s Eric Stephens. “I was young, like pee-wees and that sort of thing. One year, I wanted to shake it up and I just threw a 6 in front of it. I was 65 for one year and then I just switched to just 6. I got to college and 6 was taken, so split that in half and I took 3.”

Fifteen different players in Capitals history have worn the number 3 and every single one of them has been a defenseman. Four former Capitals have worn the number for at least five seasons, including Scott Stevens, Sylvain Cote, Tom Poti, and Nick Jensen.

Jakob Chychrun

Jakob Chychrun will wear 6️⃣ with the Washington Capitals#ALLCAPS

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) July 7, 2024

Chychrun sticks with the number he has worn since making his NHL debut at 18 years old with the Arizona Coyotes in 2016. The Florida-born blueliner previously wore number 5 with the OHL’s Sarnia Sting but has donned the number six ever since it was assigned to him by the Coyotes.

“Number 6 was given to me in my first training camp in Arizona,” Chychrun told The Athletic’s Ian Mendes last year. “I’m not sure if they did it as a gesture because my pops also wore number 6, but I thought it was pretty cool. And once I made the team, I just kept it.”

Chychrun’s father, Jeff Chychrun, played parts of eight seasons in the NHL, wearing the number 6 jersey with the Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings, and Pittsburgh Penguins.

15 different players in Capitals history have previously donned the number 6. 14 of those 15 players were defensem*n with perhaps the most notable being Calle Johansson from 1989-2003. Other more recent names to wear the number include Joel Edmundson, Vincent Iorio, Michal Kempny, Mike Weber, Tim Gleason, Dennis Wideman, and Jamie Heward.

Taylor Raddysh

Taylor Raddysh will wear 1️⃣6️⃣ with the Washington Capitals#ALLCAPS

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) July 7, 2024

Raddysh started his rookie season in the NHL wearing the number 16 but ended his freshman campaign wearing number 11 after a midseason trade from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Chicago Blackhawks. Once he got to Chicago, number 16 was already taken by Jujhar Khaira.

“Actually, this is my first time wearing 11,” Raddysh told The Athletic’s Scott Powers last year. “When I got traded here a couple years ago, it’s what they gave me and I just stuck with it since then. I don’t mind it right now and will probably leave it.”

Raddysh also wore number 18 with the AHL’s Syracuse Crunch, number 14 with the OHL’s Soo Greyhounds, and number 17 with the OHL’s Erie Otters.

13 players have worn number 16 with the Capitals with the latest being Craig Smith for 22 games after the 2023 trade deadline. The full list of players to wear the number includes names like Bengt Gustafsson, Alan May, Trevor Linden, Brian Sutherby, and Eric Fehr.

Brandon Duhaime

Brandon Duhaime will wear 2️⃣2️⃣ with the Washington Capitals#ALLCAPS

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) July 7, 2024

Duhaime is the only one of the four newest Capitals to pick a jersey number he has never previously worn in the NHL. Duhaime wore the number 21 with the Minnesota Wild for parts of three seasons and then wore the number 12 for the Colorado Avalanche at the end of last season.

While in the AHL with the Iowa Wild, he wore the number 22 but couldn’t take the number with him once he got called up to Minnesota as Kevin Fiala was already wearing it. Duhaime has also worn number 18 with the BCHL’s Merritt Centennials, number 21 with the USHL’s Tri-City Storm, and number 9 while in the NCAA with Providence College.

Duhaime will be the 23rd player in Capitals history to wear number 22. Steve Konowalchuk held the number the longest, wearing it for over a decade from 1993-2004. Other recent, notable former owners of the number include Mike Knuble, Curtis Glencross, Kevin Shattenkirk, Madison Bowey, Lucas Johansen, and Johan Larsson.

Matt Roy, Jakob Chychrun, Taylor Raddysh, and Brandon Duhaime all pick their jersey numbers with Capitals (2024)


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