The Oshawa Times, 29 Jan 1959, p. 14 (2024)

14 ™ OSHAWA TIMES, Thursdey, Jenuery 29, 1959oronto, Montreal StocksTORONTOBy The Cansdisn PressTony Mock Exchange--Jan, 29(Quotstions in cents uniass marked §.0 Int, Fudividend, xr--Exnights, sw--Ex-warranis,)Industrialsigh tow 1}$307LI}0BockAsamernBatley §BritaitaCalaltaC0 LasC Vx GasHomendkySalen20001000020[7177VisionlockAbitiblAcad-AtlAlta DistAlta Dist vtAlta GasAlgomaAluminiAlum 2 prAnalogAnthes |Argus 240 25Ashdown 8 750Atlas Steel wwKak Mont 130 MidconPi of NB ris 25 Mill CityBath Pow A 20 N ChamhB 7 17 N Cont100 Northeal798 NCO win00 NerthidPac PelePac PelePetrolPhillipsPonderPrairie OlProvo GasRangerRichwilRocky Pele( Rovalite pr{ k 4 p ey oA BapphireC EBnk ComCdn Brew MWCRAL B wis pin{(((((Bales20ad750100naDev PalDuvexFargoGen Pet AGr PlainsHBO Gdump PnaJupiterLI PeleMajiransMarigoldwh#234§37%20%"LU$13283#25PA1601001 prvrBuild ProdBurlingtonBurnsCC Sone1 ¥Chem Tidalcurt W 4h #5 Trad Of)redFairbks La. OllyI ; b Wihurnein OM WwW Cdn 0GCFR . hy 1 / WwW DecaltaCdn Pel pr W Nacoan Wall B Yan CanCon GasCoby vt1 BridgeDom EleetD Dairies rts1 indryIr Magnes: Down MoresDom TarFed Grain10854h Acad Uran1h y 14 Akatchn40) 1 AlgomLL1900)AnuconneiAreadiaH AmithImp Oilak) 12%12424 128201000106 1 15 . W50 om100 1000130 10050Nat DrugNat Drug prNor Sar ANO NGas0 Jockey0 JockPago HersPhna JA00 $1214150 |6140000"DenisonDiscoveryHallwe ii1 HowAmpronsMaterhpartanSpartanPayKiedmanBlael CanHite ASer 'lrSaptest ordTor-Dam Bk Geen MinesTor Ntar ' L) Glacier 12Fin A 0 A : Gold - Pagene-M a " A 4 . GrandTrans I'Pl 2 My 9 bhiUn Gag GunnarVel GI 2 | 4 : ) GunnarWalk GW Why HardWat Lauip 0 480 HeathW Lop wis mh ALE} HWeston B | [ERWand JA | 2's 2sWoodward A 300 200 20%CurbAnglo NidAshestos 170Ch SugC Paper1upor :int 1h KoThird C6 Inv 7 Twrio nk200#002526%72181%Wy7us4ha724wisaM1%as0FrobisherwinRockM1"2504ay20JoburkeJonsmithAdd224%1500 21 11000 23 23%Am lLedueAnchorQueen's ParkAt-A-GlancestealingBy THE CANADIAN PRESSWednesday, Jan, 28, 1959Liberal Leader John Wintermeyer asked the House to go intospecial session to consider unem.ploymentPremier Frost proposed a newsystem for the legislature to ex |amine boards and commissionssh. 000JyTHEATRE GUIDE EH 0 M bJAN 29 ISSUEAngel" 100FILL-A-CARDBiltmore 'Hot ."When Hell00, 7.333.40. 6.20, 9.00 pmTomorrow's Nos,Broke loose' 2.20, §G-5310.13 p.m. Last complete show |GAME NO. 1INGOMarks "Roar Of The Crowd"12.30, 3.20, 6.10, 9.10. "Sierra"1.45, 5.35 10.25. Last complete show at 9.00 pm65676870Truth'420, 7.15 1010 pm58 7%30 37 60 54Ghost Of The ChinaTpm, 58, B45 pmcomplete show at 845 pmhe Inn Of The SixthYou have until § pm. the followingday te phone it you have » full cordBinge (Sunday Completeplaying appear back ofas the new Opposileader and they exchangedabout the governmentLiberal ideasWintermeyertionbanter1.35alsoPlaza The WholeRegent« B6LastHappiness in clnemaScope Band color shown daily at 1.00140, 6.25, 905 Last complete 1at end pm291013show4951555634382025262729Friday, Jan. 30"Y" VarielyDanceby popular requestreturn of:"BACKWELL TRIO"to 12ADMISSION100 © Memben4245exceptedrules on theeveryBinge cardBenehit ofARMY, NAVY ANDAIR FORCE VETERANSIN CANADA9pm1hHen membeY.W.C.A.199 CENTRE ST.High A OFmnin2841021%"1410219%17513ih#0 #01914 12I]"7 LL]SixducedThursday,380newNetam Chige Sales10 10075Hlock¥r. Pele prGatineauGh Wares whGl, Popes 25Gypsum 1560Home Oil B 100H Smth 1000Hud Bay 501hp Inv Aimp OHInd AccepInt NickelInt Uti)Inter PL,lion Gls prLaban1. Woods prLawis BrosMaemill BMass FerMass FerMoCollMolson 'A NMolson, prMont LocoMorganN St CarBlockluzLeitehLenndinLoradoLyndhatMacedonMacfieMadsenMagnetMalartieMaraigo)MaritimMutotehMayhrunMcKenMeWatMillikenMin OreMt WrightNama CrNew AlgerNew CalNew DeiblN HarriNew HoseqNew JasonN KeloreNewlund 1000 NorandaN Man W000 PeleN Mylamn 35660 1 PowisNew Rouyn 500 Puge HeinNorandas 475 PenmansNorgold Hh) Pow CorpNorlartie 1000 ice BrNorpax 1000 TransN Gale 1006N Rank 700Northsp 275)Norsp A wis 300North Can 0Nudul i)O'Brien 500O.ama 500Opem 770Pardee 1000Patin M wis HnPik Crow 700Preston 50Pronto 400Purdex 500Que Ascot 32200Que Chih 1000Que Cop 14500Que lith 100Q Meinl £0 arQuemont 565 2 Ang RulpRoyrock ol ( MarconRoehe 1000 2 | plySand Rv 100M) +b MrSheep Cr 1000 Gon oarsherritt 1108 oon,40 David Fr ADam OlelothJon Ford Ana Horner ALochaberLowneyM R DalriesMooreM DairiesN Q PowPrem HesQue PhoneQue Phan wtQue Phon prBales100 4a700 140ooo 5%500 40S000 312200 812%160600010001300160055002250020001500730500A00025001500zlm01000A50050001500High Low 1}41004"08132711I»'13275prAV €RollandRoya) Bank#1 CorpBaladaShawinShawn AA mpsonsSredl CanKleinbg PrTor-Dom BHTrans (anWalk GWZellersA150Fi]"0H350FLin2%75%5007%1001007025Abites#4517hYi0a#10100Sales to 1) m 1,043,000AnnMONTREAL Alicope = innBy The Canedian Press 10600Me ntreal Stock Exchange «Jan 29 3000y ne in cents unless marked § 29ul Fox dividend ExeFox warrantsIndustrialsHigh Low[EEE TI$11$374$20s1000130003470010001050020050004000300020001002000Bat manechnsBell ChihBonny vile11.40am181Nelfales Chige29012512StackAbitibiAcndiaAlgomaAlumin 15Anglo Pulp pr 25Argus LU]is 240 pr 2%S08 BlnoelAll5000i 1000Age 2600Jat ainJiollinger5 Int CeramWn sal ' 1:0 Uran4 hontikiL th Corp"aing PCIl PhoneiPaper 1200| FAR)y Ol 051 pr 7Forest #28Power AROPh MoPhon ris 396Cal Pow 0"Cun Cem 200Flr6100010002150800100020005000100010002000VormagHosenJaokl,« Pac CoalVinrayAmulet( nm [1]( 2{ Com AL( 50( 100 1500« 10 #000( 12 1000p 00( 4300( 1000( 200( 200( 100020020002000PennbecPorcupinePitt GoldPortageriageCobaltCop100m Ent 100 811 1 1 y wison M and 8 715 TR. 211 Ii" } ' GeQueQuemontfod GrestRIBO0E1 acherasinJ Tih kxpl25 Hi bo Pitan400 Valor10040010nm Glorby ADirt SeasDh BridgeD Coal pr0 DairiesD Dar ns i"Dom StoresDom TarDom TextDonohueDu PontFoundatnLith 100090 Sales to 11:30 a$15 18%G. E. Jackson (PCSouth) will make the traditional Brunellemotion for an address in reply to will hemembers were introJan, 29,$i$204$loe$30%%#124$161]$16221310inHn$10%1mmines and oils 234,100(PCMinesiT)15108101"#0i"200160IT]CochraneseconderIndustrials 43,500,London | the speech from the throne. ReneNorth)part -- to const and save thelr,ad dollars rather than put emergency emphasis on special radioand TV spot announcements orcircularsOAKLAND, CAL Supermarket . chains remained very,strong for newspaper advertising, |Of four chains surveyed oper:ating 145 supers two Investedjust under 100 per cent of their rdhudgets in newspapers, The othertwo chains spent more then $0per cent of their ad dollars for|newspaper space,| SupermarketsPrefer PapersFor AdvertisingSupermarkets continued to in|vest the vast majority of their ad-vertising dollars in newspaperslast year, according to & Supermarket News survey of the advertising practices of supers located In Los Angeles, Philadelphie, New York, Miami and Oakland, Cal, For the most partsupermarkels invested anywhere{from B5 to 99 per cent of thelrad budgets in this medium. Reports from three of the citiesLOS ANGELES Ad managersslate that from 90 to 9 per cent{of their ad budgets were invented in newspapers last year| They indicate little or no change!lin their sdvertis ing plans for1999NEW YORK Supermarket{operators continied to place mostof their advertising dollars innewspapers. When faced withthe loss of this medium recently Maloney (PC--Renfrew South), )(due to a newspaper strike, they recently-appointed nines minis{were content for the mostiter |Labor Legislation fTo Be Discussed |TORONTO (CP) Major laborlegislation may he Introducedduring the current session of theOntario legislature, [A government source sald Wed-nesday the. report of the selectcommittee on labor may be givento the House Monday The com:mittee was appointed in 1057 1review the Ontario Labor Relations Act, Chairman vas JamesSometimes Savage . . . Sometimes Gentle 1,Tradition forbadetheir love..,DIRK BOGARDEYOKO TANIWichtid Mysonin Majer3 DAYS !Starls TodayRenae DOUBLE Vy SHOW DOORS OPEN DAILY 12:30 P.|| N|A PARAAGUNT RELEASEHUHNE SIANAdventure RagingTo The Very Peaksof Excitement!VIARNHOAUDIE MIIRPHWANDA HENDRIXBURL IVESHer story was truly amiracle of love anddevotion that moved thesmallest of the small. ..themightiest of the mighty!A woman's story,as monumenial as"A Man Called Peter"as inspiring as"I'd Climb TheHighest! Mountain"BUDDYIOLERPRODUCTIONCURT JURGENS ROBERT DONATTHE INN OF THE SIXTHHAPPINESSCINEMAScoOPE COLOR hy DE LUXEDUBARRYin Tineby Richard HudnutShe'll love it- love you, too« for wherever she wears Seven WindsCoaCologne SuprémeCologne MistBath PowderPartume Pursetteshe'll stir up a storm! It's anextraordinary new fragrance -- part floral,part woodsy, totally devastating,DRUGSDIALRA34621The NapoliWESTINGHOUSEThis distinctive contemporary consolette featuresthe clean functional lines that today's compactroom arrangements demand. Owes its slim,silhouette styling to the Westinghouse 110°aluminized picture tube. Hand-rubbed hard-wood cabinets are finished in rich Walnut, mod-ern Blonde, or glowing Mahogany. Concert Tonesound is more faithful than ever with a Westing-house Multi-Speaker system one 8" and one5' speaker, 21" Picture. Cabinet Dimensions;3512" high, 2454" wide, 1614" deepREG. 339.95wv 199-95WITH A 21" CONSOLE TV IN WORK-ING CONDITION AS TRADE. $100.00ALLOWANCE FOR A 17",MODEL 2V34KLLEARANCE of HI-FIDrasticReductions918 SIMCOE ST. N.PARKWAY TELEVISIONRA 3.3043



The Oshawa Times, 29 Jan 1959, p. 14 (2024)


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