All the Isle of Man TT info as 'world's most dangerous race' returns (2024)

THE historic event dubbed by many as the 'world's most dangerous race' is approaching the finish line after Michael Dunlop became the most successful rider EVER earlier this week.

The Northern Irishman had been chasing his uncle Joey's record for years but finally cracked it in 2024, winning the Supertwin TT to make it win No 27.


His uncle Joey - after whom the Joey Dunlop Cup is named - had held the previous record for 25 years.

Hundreds of people have died in the race's history as motorbikes thunder around winding country lanes at 120mph.

It was part of the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship - now MotoGP - for 27 years before being scrapped due to safety concerns and continues to face consistent calls that it should be scrapped.

It can only be the Isle of Man TT, which returned on Saturday, June 1.

What is the Isle of Man TT?

The annual racing event had its first race in 1907 and has been held on the Isle of Man almost every year since.

The event consists of a number of time trial races on public roads that are closed over a two week period - the first week for practice and qualifying and the second for racing.

There are currently six classes of races - the Senior TT, Supersport TT, Superbike TT, Superstock TT, Supertwin TT and Sidecar TT.

The Senior TT is the showpiece event and has run continuously since 1909.

The Isle of Man TT is open to all riders from any country as long they have a valid National Entrants or FIM Sponsors Licence for Road Racing, plus a driver's licence.

The event has only been cancelled because of World War I (1915-1919) and World War II (1940-1946) and just three times since 1947 - because of the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 and in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid-19.

The 'TT' in Isle of Man TT actually stands for Tourist Trophy rather than Time Trial, as many believe.

Isle of Man TT schedule & results

Race Day 1 - Saturday, June 1

  • 9am - Mountain Road closes
  • 10am - All roads close
  • 10.30am - Superbike/Superstock qualifying
  • 12pm - 40 Years of Arai at the TT Parade
  • 1.30pm - Supersport TT race 1 - Winner: Michael Dunlop
  • 4pm - Sidecar TT race 1 - Winners: Ryan and Callum Crowe

Race Day 2 - Sunday, June 2

  • 11.30am - Mountain Road closes
  • 12.30pm - All roads close
  • 1.30pm - Solo warm up
  • 2.40pm - Superbike TT race - Winner: Peter Hickman

Race Day 3 - Tuesday, June 4

  • All events cancelled

Race Day 3 - Wednesday, June 5

  • 9am - Mountain Road closes
  • 10am - All roads close
  • 10.30am - Solo warm up (1 lap)
  • 11.45am - Supertwin TT race 1 - Winner: Michael Dunlop

Race Day 4 - Thursday, June 6

  • 9am - Mountain Road closes
  • 10am - All roads close
  • 10.30am - Solo warm up (1 lap)
  • 11:20am - Sidecar TT race 2 - Winners: Ryan and Callum Crowe
  • 1pm - Superstock TT race 1 - Winner: Davey Todd

Race Day 5 - Friday, June 7

  • TBC - Mountain Road closes
  • TBC - All roads close
  • TBC - Solo warm up (1 lap)
  • TBC - Supersport TT race 2 (4 laps)
  • TBC - Superstock TT race 2 (3 laps)

Race Day 6 - Saturday, June 8

  • 9am - Mountain Road closes
  • 10am - All roads close
  • 10.30am - Solo warm up (1 lap)
  • 11.45am - Supertwin TT race 2 (2 laps)
  • 1.30pm - Rutter Legacy Lap (Parade Lap)
  • 2.30pm - Senior TT race (6 laps)

How can I watch the Isle of Man TT?

The 2024 Isle of Man TT is not being broadcast on live TV.

Instead, those who want to watch the race as it happens need to purchase the TT+ Live Pass, which costs £19.99 to cover the qualification and all races.

The TT+ Live Pass can then be streamed through a TV, smartphone, laptop or tablet and also includes analysis, interviews and other features.

ITV4 will have a nightly highlights show at 9pm from Friday, May 31 until the final race day on June 8.

What is the prize money for the Isle of Man TT?

The six races of the Isle of Man TT have a combined pot of £243,400 - the Senior TT race is the most lucrative of the annual event, with a total prize pot of £84,500 and £25,000 going to the winner.

The Superbike TT race has a shared prize pot of £62,000, while the Supersport TT offers a combined prize pot of £30,400.

Both the Superstock TT and Sidecar TT earns riders a share of £23,500, while the Supertwin TT will offer a total pot of £19,500.

The full Isle of Man TT prize money breakdown can be found here.

Who has won the most races at the Isle of Man TT?

Joey Dunlop had been the overall race leader with 26 wins to his name at the event - with his last one coming in 2000.

Dunlop, who died aged 48 after crashing during a race in Estonia, has a statue on the island and the Joey Dunlop Cup is awarded to the most successful rider at the event each year.


Dunlop was voted as Northern Ireland's greatest-ever sports star in 2015 and his funeral was attended by more than 50,000.

But the great man has now been caught and overtaken by nephew, Michael Dunlop, who entered the event with 25 wins before winning the first race of 2024 to equal Joey's record.

The 35-year-old star then added another win - having won four races in 2023 - to take the overall record.

After his record-breaking win, the younger Dunlop said: "I’m no better than Joey, I never was, and I’ve got no intentions of being better than him, but everyone has always aspired to beat him.

"It’s an honour.”

How many people have died at the Isle of Man TT?

The Isle of Man TT is known as one of the most dangerous event in sport for good reason.

Riders race around public roads at 120mph, surrounded by brick walls, telephone polls and houses.

Since 1937, the only year in which there has NOT been a fatality is 1982.

A total of 280 people - riders, officials and fans - have died, with 156 of those riders during the actual Isle of Man TT.

Extend that to the Manx Grand Prix, usually held in August, the total reaches 269.

Another ten officials have died, the most recent in 2006, while six spectators have also died, including two in 2007.

Three people died last year (one in the main TT and two in the Manx Grand Prix), while 2022 was the joint-deadliest year ever.

Six riders died that year, the same as in 1970.

All the Isle of Man TT info as 'world's most dangerous race' returns (2024)


Why is the Isle of Man TT race so dangerous? ›

The limits at the Isle of Man TT's mountain course are infinitesimal, where trees, shrubs, and rock walls line the roads as racers fly by at over 200 mph. It's the hardest, most dangerous race around.

What is the most dangerous sport in the world Isle of Man? ›

The Isle of Man's unique culture, and Manx language set them apart, but it's the race known as the TT that has really put it on the map. First held in 1907, it is the most dangerous motorcycle race on Earth; more than 250 riders have been killed over the years.

What is the most dangerous part of the Isle of Man TT? ›

The race itself allows for several different classes of motorcycles and rider skill levels. It's comprised of various small races and courses—the most dangerous of them being the Snaefell Mountain Course.

How much money do you get for winning the Isle of Man TT? ›

The Superbike TT is next best, with £20,000 for the winner, followed by the Supersport (£10,000 to the winner), Sidecar and Superstock (both £8,000) and finally the Supertwin (£6,000).

Will Isle of Man TT be banned? ›

There have been calls for the Isle of Man TT to be banned. But that is unlikely because the island in the middle of the Irish Sea has its own independent-minded government.

How fast do Isle of Man TT riders go? ›

The fastest lap a Superbike has ever set around the TT course in the actual Superbike TT is 135.970mph, set by Michael Dunlop on a Honda in the 2024 Superbike race. The old outright lap record of 135.452mph was set on a Superbike in the Senior, but was beaten in 2023 by Hickman in the Superstock class.

What is the 1 most dangerous sport? ›

Bull Riding

What sport has the worst injuries? ›

Sports with the most injuries. The sports with the most injuries are contact sports such as basketball, football, soccer, rugby, and hockey, all of which are high-intensity sports with frequent and sometimes high-impact contact between players.

How many murders in the Isle of Man? ›

Isle of Man murder/homicide rate for 2022 was 0.00, a NAN% decline from 2021.

Has there ever been an Isle of Man TT with no deaths? ›

Since 1937, the only year in which races were held but no fatalities occurred was 1982.

How safe is the Isle of Man? ›

In his Forword, Isle of Man Chief Constable Gary Roberts QPM, declared that the Island was even safer that it was in 2021; 'The Isle of Man is even safe than it was last year and remains a supremely safe place in which to live, to do business or to visit.

Has an American ever won the Isle of Man TT? ›

DAVE ROPER is currently the only American to win a TT Race using conventional internal combustion engine power; the Historic TT of 1984. Riding a G50 Matchless he headed home the field in the only time this class of race has been run.

Who is the only American to win Isle of Man? ›

In vintage motorcycle racing circles, Dave Roper is something of a legend. The first American to win a race at the Isle of Man TT, Roper has been racing motorcycles since the early 70s. And he doesn't just race them — he wins.

Who is the most successful Isle of Man TT rider? ›

Michael Dunlop has claimed one of motor sport's celebrated achievements by becoming the most successful Isle of Man TT rider in history. Wednesday's Supertwins race was the Northern Irishman's record 27th triumph to surpass the landmark of race victories set by his uncle Joey Dunlop, who held the record for 24 years.

Is The Isle of Man the most dangerous race in the world? ›

The Isle of Man TT is known as the world's most dangerous motorsport race, and since its inception in 1907, more than 250 riders, and several spectators, have been killed on the course.

What is the deadliest form of racing? ›

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts lists the eight most dangerous and challenging motorsport races in the world.
  1. The Dakar Rally. ...
  2. Isle of Man TT. ...
  3. The Baja 1000. ...
  4. 24 Hours of Le Mans. ...
  5. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. ...
  6. The Erzberg Rodeo. ...
  7. Nürburgring 24 Hours. ...
  8. The Rainforest Challenge.
Jan 12, 2023

How much does it cost to go to Isle of Man TT? ›

2024 “A” Tariff FaresSingle5 Day Return
Foot / Vehicle Passenger£70.25 / €84.50£120.50 / €145.00
Motorcycle + 1 Adult£170.25 / €204.50£281.50 / €338.00
Car/Van (Up to 5.5m Length) including 2 Adults£325.50 / €390.50£481.00 / €578.00
Additional Metreage (per Metre)£31.00/ €37.00£52.00 / €62.00


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